6 Things on My Wish List

Dear Husbands,

Mother’s Day is a day set aside for mothers everywhere to show our love and appreciation for everything they do. The daily chauffeuring, dressing the unwilling children, making lunches for school, leaving work to drive across town to pick up the kids from school and usually driving back to work with the kids to finish work, the laundry that multiply’s faster than I can wash, the never ending dishes in the sink (mostly outside the sink and around the house), spending at the minimum 1-2 hours daily putting toys up where they go only so they can discover them again and pull all the toys back out, cooking only to have at least one child want something totally different and then cooking another meal for that one little person, and let’s not even talk about bath time. This is all after I get home from my full time job.

Being a mother is a position that I’m honored to fill. At times it’s very hectic, it’s emotional, it’s hilarious, and sometimes it’s heart breaking. No matter what the event or circumstance being my children’s mother is something that I never want to take for granted, I’m so thankful that God chose me to be their mother.

So please don’t misunderstand when I discuss this very pressing matter. It’s important for we as women express some things that we really want. Mother’s Day is soon approaching and my children and husband will undeniably wait until the eve of Mother’s Day to hastily run to the nearest store to only walk in and set their eyes on the very first thing they see and think to themselves “Yes, mom would love this piece of clothing that’s two sizes too big” or “I think mom would love this giant box of chocolates, even though I never see her eat candy that much” or maybe even upon walking into Walmart and just to the right where all the flowers sit “These will do.”

News Flash: I don’t need things and I don’t want stuff. I know what I like and I usually go and buy it when I want to.  I’m not going to lie, I am a high maintenance female and I like expensive things. Believe me when I say the best gifts aren’t going to come from my favorite stores.  So men, let’s make this as easy as possible. Here is a small list of things you may think of giving your lovely wives for Mother’s Day. These are simply my opinions and reflect my own desires based on being a mother of 3 precious, adorable little monsters.

6 Things Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

1. Therapy. You read this correctly. I want therapy for Mother’s Day. Not the kind you  may be thinking of, I’m not ill nor am I on the brink of an emotional break down (not today). I want retail therapy for Mother’s Day. Please don’t buy me what you think I’ll want, just give me some cash or the card of your choice and let me go shopping. For myself, by myself. Listen people, I get excited when I get to go to Walmart alone just to get milk. I’m not even sure I’d know how amazing it would be if I went shopping without having to take 3 kids everywhere. I probably wouldn’t know how to act, walking various isles talking to children who aren’t there.

2. Leave Me Alone. For one day I need to be alone. I want to go to the bathroom by myself. Please no little fingers clawing from underneath the bottom of the door, no little beasts using large heavy toys trying to break the door down to get to me. I want to take a shower for the entire duration without a child barging in and demanding to have something opened or tattling on a sibling that I am able to do nothing about because…well…I’m in the shower, naked. I want to binge watch Netflix or Amazon Prime all day. Alone. No interruptions. I may not even get dressed. Please don’t think that I don’t want to be around my husband or that I don’t enjoy my family’s company. I love being around my family. I just need one day to enjoy not taking care of anyone.

3. Sleeping Late. I want to sleep in on Mother’s Day. Not just until the first child wakes up and demands that the TV be turned on or that they want cereal. Please husbands, don’t just tell the kids to be quiet, don’t attempt to suppress them with threats of consequences if they wake mom up. This only intensifies their need for mommy to wake up. Remove the littles from the house, go outside to play (away from the master bedroom preferably), go to the store, go eat. Anything. Just go. Don’t let them wake me up.

FullSizeRender (2)

4. Clean Up.  I’m not asking for you to clean the house like I would. Impossible. No offense, no one in this household cleans as well as mommy. I’m okay with that, really. I’m only asking that for one day you clean up after yourselves. I have a dream that one day my kids will return the toys they played with right back from where they got them from, when they were finished playing with them. I know I must be crazy. I fantasize that the little people in my house will take their dirty laundry to the laundry room instead of me hunting for them. To put their dirty cups IN the sink, not intermittently all over the counter. *Sigh*

5. A Card.  I would like a homemade card for Mother’s Day from my kids. All kidding aside. I love homemade gifts from my kids. I am that mom.  I like to put them in my dresser and occasionally pull them out and read them. Dad’s please, let them put whatever message they want inside. I don’t care how ridiculous it sounds or even offensive. I want to remember all the things.

6. Words of Affirmation. If you appreciate me, today is the day to tell me all the things you love about me being the mother of your children. I know that we are human, we sometimes assume that the people around us just “know” how we feel about them. It nice to be told once in a while. Let me help you out. Here are a few examples: 1) I appreciate all that you do. 2) I am grateful for you. 3) You are a blessing. 4) You make me very happy. 5) Dinner was delicious. 6) No Honey, let me clean up (my fav!)   Just a few examples to get you started!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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