Lessons for my Daughter ❤️

Today my first born and only daughter turned 12. I was always so confident I would have all girls. As we all know God's ways are higher than ours, we don't get to chose. She is my first, my last, and my one and only baby girl. I reflect often of the many things I … Continue reading Lessons for my Daughter ❤️

It’s a Dog Eat World 

Checking out at Petco and I hear my #2 kid, Josiah, smacking on some food. 🤔 I think for a moment as I slowly turn my gaze to this unpredictable kid of mine. Why would he be eating something (we just ate at Denny's). Better yet...WHAT is he eating? Stupid doggie treat buffet right by … Continue reading It’s a Dog Eat World 

Altered Hearts

After my husband and I were married for a year we decided to buy our first home. We were venturing out of the our comfort zone as renters and searching for the perfect house to start a family. We looked for what seemed forever, walking through so many homes in so many different neighborhoods. If … Continue reading Altered Hearts