It’s a Dog Eat World 

Checking out at Petco and I hear my #2 kid, Josiah, smacking on some food. 🤔 I think for a moment as I slowly turn my gaze to this unpredictable kid of mine. Why would he be eating something (we just ate at Denny’s). Better yet…WHAT is he eating? Stupid doggie treat buffet right by the checkout 🤦🏼‍♀️. Only my kid would 1) eat doggie treats, 2) still want more after finding out its a dog cookie, 3) beg for me to buy a bag full. Yes. He’s eating it right now. Mom fail? Perhaps, or perhaps not. No one said raising kids was easy.

I try to hide this little dude walking around  while chewing away on his dog cookie that looks identical to a chocolate chip cookie, while he says “seriously mom, they’re really good!” Um…no. Gag real flex in full swing. We make our way to the door as I sigh a relief of victory because no one ever suspected a thing and I hear my son (who has a high pitched voice and totally distinct) say ” Sir, these cookies are really good, I’m eating them right now!” I was so stinking close to escaping out the door without anyone noticing. My face felt all shades of red, my shoulders more rounded as in failure, and my gaze honed in on #2 kid as if they are screaming for him to get in the car.  I consider this outing with my kids a win-win. No one left crying or bleeding 🤕.

Yes. That is a dog cookie he’s eating…

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