Lessons for my Daughter ❤️

Today my first born and only daughter turned 12. I was always so confident I would have all girls. As we all know God’s ways are higher than ours, we don’t get to chose. She is my first, my last, and my one and only baby girl. I reflect often of the many things I wish to instill in her, the wise advice to give her when she comes to me with doubts, or the times I’ll have to sit and listen through her tears as she reveals her broken heart for the first time. My heart is not ready.

I hope that when my daughter looks at me, she sees strong. I hope she sees refuge in her parents  from all the voices that pull her away from what God has instilled in her. I hope she looks at me and knows without a shadow of a doubt that I will be there for her, no matter the circumstance or how she got into the circumstance. I hope my daughter sees grace and humility, a true servants heart.

I hope she sees confidence, not just confidence for knowledge and God’s Word. Confidence in self image. Confidence that she is beautiful, not by a magazines standard, nor by numbers on the scale, or how small of jeans she can get into. Confident that she is enough. I hope and pray that the first time she is made to feel unworthy or not as beautiful as another (believe me I know the day will come) that she will hold her head high and know that her beauty is not determined by someone else’s opinion of what beauty is.

Lastly, I hope my daughter desires not to be beautiful. You read it correctly. Dear little girl, don’t be beautiful. Beautiful is ordinary. Be intelligent, be amazing, be inquisitive, be adventurous, be silly, be loud, be bold, let your hair down and let it be messy! Don’t have beauty as your only pursuit. Pursue God, pursue talents, pursue your purpose.

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