Wear Love Everywhere

This year I will invest more in God, Family, & Love. This year I will no longer be a ‘Yes’ person to everything and everyone. I’m by nature a people pleaser and a giver, often leaving myself to feel drained & exhausted (wishing I had ended that recent conversation with a ‘No’). I think often … Continue reading Wear Love Everywhere

Let’s Be Better Humans

So many times throughout the day we see FB posts or over-hear conversations of who is better than who, who works harder, and all the wrong mistakes everyone is making. Let us build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. I must remind myself of this daily, being careful to not be a … Continue reading Let’s Be Better Humans

Lessons for my Daughter ❤️

Today my first born and only daughter turned 12. I was always so confident I would have all girls. As we all know God's ways are higher than ours, we don't get to chose. She is my first, my last, and my one and only baby girl. I reflect often of the many things I … Continue reading Lessons for my Daughter ❤️

It’s a Dog Eat World 

Checking out at Petco and I hear my #2 kid, Josiah, smacking on some food. 🤔 I think for a moment as I slowly turn my gaze to this unpredictable kid of mine. Why would he be eating something (we just ate at Denny's). Better yet...WHAT is he eating? Stupid doggie treat buffet right by … Continue reading It’s a Dog Eat World 

Altered Hearts

After my husband and I were married for a year we decided to buy our first home. We were venturing out of the our comfort zone as renters and searching for the perfect house to start a family. We looked for what seemed forever, walking through so many homes in so many different neighborhoods. If … Continue reading Altered Hearts

Moms. Strength & Dignity.

I was preparing for a Mother's Day lesson for Sunday school this past week, looking up fun activities for the kids to do and interesting facts to share with the class. I'm not sure if you're like me and never gave a second thought of when or how Mother's Day became a national recognized holiday, … Continue reading Moms. Strength & Dignity.

6 Things on My Wish List

Dear Husbands, Mother's Day is a day set aside for mothers everywhere to show our love and appreciation for everything they do. The daily chauffeuring, dressing the unwilling children, making lunches for school, leaving work to drive across town to pick up the kids from school and usually driving back to work with the kids … Continue reading 6 Things on My Wish List

8 Things the Introvert Mom Wants You to Know

When I was pregnant with my middle son I was admitted into the hospital (2 hrs from home), which ended up being my home for over three months. There's no privacy in hospitals, nurses and Dr.'s coming and going without any thought about knocking on doors. I learned very quickly that when I wanted to … Continue reading 8 Things the Introvert Mom Wants You to Know

Heart to Heart: Mom of a CHD Warrior

Today marks 6 years ago that God changed me forever. It seems every year is just as real and emotional as if it was yesterday. I sometimes wonder if it will ever get easier. Will I ever be able to talk about life as it was during that season of our life without choking back … Continue reading Heart to Heart: Mom of a CHD Warrior

Love Endureth

I have a patient who has come to our facility for a short stay of rehab, she plans on going home when she is stronger and requires less help. Today I went to see her in her room (she is currently too weak to even sit up) and she was by herself. As we began … Continue reading Love Endureth